Building with us

Customer Care

Customer care means providing high quality service in a friendly, efficient, and helpful way, continually striving to improve services and ensure all our customers experience great communication and positive attitude. At Urbanedge Homes, we promise to build your new home as if it were our own, every time and on-time.


Our aim is to provide easy, transparent, and timely communication.

✓ We promise to provide you an experienced, dedicated Customer Service Specialist as your main point of contact prior to construction as well as throughout your build. If we miss you when you try and get in touch, please leave your details and we will return your call or email within one working day.

Throughout the pre-site stage of your journey with us, we will contact you at a minimum, fortnightly with updates on the progress of your new home. When your home is under construction this will increase to weekly updates.

✓ We promise to communicate with you using your preferred method of communication, whether that be phone, email or SMS at times that suit you within business hours.

You may book a time for us to personally walk you through your new home at dedicated stages during construction including frame, fix and final stages.

✓ We promise to provide effective and timely responses to any issues you may have with complete transparency. We will acknowledge or respond to complaints the same business day it was received. If the issue is unable to be resolved at that time, we promise to respond within two working days with a resolution or an action plan.

We are committed to always seeking new ways to improve our customer service:

  • We encourage you to get in touch at any stage of your journey to provide feedback
  • We will ask you to complete surveys at multiple stages of your journey to help us understand your experience and how we can improve
  • Our Customer Service Team Leaders will reach out to you to check in, to see if we can improve your experience in anyway throughout your journey with us


✓ We promise to complete internal quality checks on your paperwork and plans prior to site start to ensure your file is ready for construction. We will advise you of any discontinued products or discrepancies upfront so we can discuss options with you prior to site start.

✓ We promise to build your home to the same quality as our display homes, we build all our homes as if it were our own, every time.

✓ We promise your new home will undergo four inspections by an independent building surveyor during construction.

✓ We promise our Construction Manager alongside your Construction Supervisor will complete a quality assurance inspection on your home prior to handover.

✓ We promise to always use reputable brands and suppliers in our homes, keeping our processes simple to ensure quality control to deliver our ultimate promise of – affordable, quality new homes.

✓ We promise to provide a warranty inspection of your home 3 months after handover to address any items you have picked up since moving in.